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DESCRIPTION: Looking to set up a series informal, black and white boudoir tests in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Would be a run n' gun 'street photography' type shoot. Models would be required to do a moderate amount of walking. Don't plan to use the images for anything other than social media, but will grant models co-ownership of both the unedited and edited images so they can use them however they wish.

COMPENSATION: Unpaid - Model receives copies of all mages taken. Unedited Images delivered within two business days via Adobe Lightroom CC Gallery. Five edited (B&W) images will be delivered by within two weeks.

DATES: 9/12/2019 - 12/12/2019


TIME: 7:00 a.m. or 4:30 p.m.

Locations: Downtown - San Jose (9/13 - 9/25), Union Square - San Francisco (9/13 - 9/25), Downtown - Los Angeles (10/4 - 12/12), Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood (10/2 - 12/12)

MAKE-UP: Natural/Nude

HAIR: Wear it down and natural.

WARDROBE: Bring two or three solid black or white Boudoir outfits (see Mood Board).


Ann Lyles

Assistant, More Than A Selfie

(669) 215 8552

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